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About Us

Educational Directions was co-founded in 1998 when two entrepreneurial counsellors Edie Kaus and Doug Green, saw the need to provide students and parents with an in-depth, one-on-one, educational planning source. Educational Directions has grown by word of mouth to encompass clients provincially, nationally and internationally.

Edie Kaus, B.Ed., M.Sc.Ed Counselling


Edie has extensive experience both in education and the business world. She has been Head of Student Services and Special Education in several Toronto Secondary Schools and a Regional Counsellor in Peel. As well, she was President of the Peel Guidance Association.

Edie has been on the Board of Director of the Ontario School Counsellors Association where she has had the opportunity to work closely with the Ministry of Education, Universities and Colleges and has participated on a variety of Advisory Boards. She has also been the editor of their professional journal OSCA Today.

Edie was named Canadian Counsellor of the Year in 2001.

Her accomplishments also include:

  • Project Manager and Director/Producer: The Cost of My Future, a Financial Literacy resource for the OSCA & the Ontario Ministry of Education
  • Co-Author: 'Youth Making Choices: Gambling Prevention Program,' an educational resource for CAMH and the Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario
  • Author: 'My Work My Life' – CD-ROM, an educational and career planning resource

Doug Green, B.A., B.Ed., M.Sc.Ed Counselling

In-Course, Graduate School and Adult Consultant

Doug’s experience has spanned many years and levels of education. He was Head of Student Services in a number of Peel Secondary Schools. At the same time he was also an Associate Professor at York University where he taught Guidance Additional Qualification Programs and was honoured with the Russ Seltzer Award for excellence in Counsellor Education. He was also named Canadian Counsellor of the Year in 1996.

Upon retirement from the Secondary School system he became the Manager of the MBA Programs at McMaster University. Doug now works with in-course, graduate, and adult students.